covid-19 | the next 4 weeks

March 17, 2020

Our Pastor, board and staff have spent much time in prayer and have been asking God for wisdom and creativity to guide His church forward during this time.

Our president, governor and CDC have asked all meetings to be no greater than 10 people. We want to honor the safety of everyone and be good citizens while still finding ways to be The Church and help our neighbors.

We feel Newspring should use the next four weeks as a partial Sabbatical. For the next four weeks, we will not have physical meetings, events, Groups or services at Newspring.

We are asking our Newspring congregation to use this time to rest as much as we can, gather with family and pray for our country.

We still strongly value connection and plan to do everything we can to stay connected with each other online. Make sure you know you can stay connected by checking out the info below.

You can still invite friends, neighbors and people who may not have a home church to connect with us online. Send invites, share videos and allow people to connect and encourage their faith in God.

As always, you can call, email, contact the office or a ministry leader for more information. Our Newspring staff is available and will maintain office hours.

Weekly Email Updates: If you are not receiving our weekly email updates, email at and ask to be included on the email list.

Prayer: If you need prayer, email our prayer team at

Pastoral Care: email pastor Bonnie at

This is a time for the church to shine the brightest. Jesus said we are a city on a hill, our light does not go out, nor do we go into hiding. We are to shine bright. Stand up and be the church. If you know your neighbor is in need, reach out to them and meet their need. If you need help assisting your neighbor, reach out to us and let us know.

Connect. Keep your eyes open. Be alert. Pray. Let’s keep our faith in God at the highest level possible.

I pray God's grace, protection, and favor over you. I pray God will heal our land. I pray the best for our businesses, economy, community, and nation. I pray our churches will shine even brighter, and many will come to know Jesus Christ. God bless you, and we will stay connected. - Pastor Shannon

Sunday Worship | online

We will be streaming our Sunday services at 10:30 am and 7 pm here at and on Facebook, @newspringofspringboro. We are asking all of our Newspring church members to connect with us online. Your online participation and connection will be significant and encouraging. If are unable to connect at the 10:30 am or 7 pm time, the service will be available on demand here on our website

Online Groups

Stay connected by being a part of and following online Groups for the next four weeks.

We are asking our ministry Groups to host a virtual groups on Facebook and cover three essential items.

1. Encourage your Group with a Bible study/devotion. We will be sharing the Word of God in our online Groups.

2. Pray together. Pray for one another and our community and nation. Pray against evil and believe God is going to bring good out of this.

3. Ask if anyone needs help. Ask about your neighbor. Report the needs to our care team.

See the Groups page for information on how to be a part of online Groups!

The next four Wednesday night Groups and Classes will be going virtual as well.

If you have questions about online Groups, email pastor Mark at

online prayer

If you need prayer, email our Prayer Team at You can let our Prayer Team know if you want to receive Prayer Updates as well. The Prayer Place will not be open again until after April 12. 


Help keep your church operating and healthy by continuing to be faithful in your giving and tithing. God honors your faithfulness and it is vital during this time. You can give online below, text your giving to 84321 or give via check mailed to Newspring at 1150 S. Main St., Springboro 45066. If you have any questions, contact Carla Parra at

easter update

We will be cancelling our Kids Egg Hunt and our Easter Production. This saddens us, but we have confidence and trust in God that He will bring something even better out of all of this. We are sharing creative ideas of how we can still bring an incredible Easter message online that has the potential to reach far more than what we usually could do in a physical building. We will be giving you more information about Easter in the next couple of weeks.