There is one message that God is communicating throughout the Bible. It's His message of love. God is love. God so loved the world that He gave. Jesus gave His life because He loved. People will know that we are followers of Christ because of our love for one another.

Our actions and life of love will attract people to Jesus Christ. We live in a world where there are many definitions of love. People are broken because of the absence and opposite of love. The Church must be clear and consistent with our communication and actions of love. People need God's love. People need to hear it and see it in action.

Newspring desires for God to use us in communicating and demonstrating His message of love to our family, friends and community. We believe this campaign has the potential to leave and incredible imprint on the hearts of the people around us. We believe this campaign will not only encourage people, but sow a seed in their hearts and draw them to Jesus Christ. 


LOVE requires ACTION

Love Speaks Louder when we put love into action and serve one another.  

Our IServe Ministry team puts together outreach opportunities for you to be the love that our community needs. 

Check back here for outreach opportunities! Next event info coming soon.